The Benefits 

Once people visit with us and get to witness their special needs child, friend or family member, experience The Gym - They wish they had done it sooner. 

  • Behavior: Learning healthy peer interactions, learning to support others through positive verbal and nonverbal interaction, learning to work together with a group to accomplish shared goals, and learning to embrace constructive feedback in a safe, positive environment
  • Therapy: learning new techniques for emotional regulation, developing a sense of ownership and success through hard work and dedication, and becoming part of a supportive local community
  • Fitness: improving overall health through total body strength and conditioning tailored to individual needs, as well as enhancing posture, proprioception, and movement skills.

Therapeutic Recreational Activities include:

Foundational movement patterns (such as crawling and other developmental skills), coordination training (such as hand-eye), proprioceptive training, strength and aerobic development, and a great variety of movement skills which are valuable for daily living and improving quality of life.